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  •  Develop and design creative and efficient approaches to research and insights,  tailoring our approach to the consumers, the client and other specifications.   


  • A wide range of consulting services to help you understand your consumers, identify and focus an opportunity, fine-tune your marketing, and ultimately, grow your brand and your business. 


  • Dedicated to understanding what people are thinking and feeling to help inspire relevant and impactful marketing.   


Whether it's strategic guidance or our specialty, scrappy research that yields raw, real and rich insights,  we're happy to help on projects big to small.


We help brands market smarter by better understanding their consumers and their ever-changing world.  


We help brands find their space, carve out unique, ownable territories by digging deep to understand the opportunity -- culturally, with a focus on competitive pressures, brand equities and deep, rich insights.


We're well versed in traditional methods, immersed in new technologies and inventive in creating our own unique tools.  




Skills and Capabilities

Brand Positioning 

Qualitative research of all sorts 

Brand Strategy

Creative Development

Innovation research -- both qualitative and quantitative

New Business Opportunities 

In situ ethnography 

Workshop Facilitation

Brand Immersion

Creative Development Qualitative 

Scrappy, raw, real research

Banana Leaves

Some kind words



She is relentlessly inquisitive  about why consumers feel and react the way they do, what actions those feelings may prompt and how best to engage those consumers....regardless of the product, category...or budget. 

Scott Manning, Senior VP, Client Services


With a tight turnaround time and a limited budget, Chris stepped up to the plate. Her advanced expertise in the field of qualitative research was evident within the first day of working with her. The work she produced was commended by not only myself and my internal team, but the clients, as well. The results of the study provided invaluable and insightful information for the clients.

Tara Soltow, Brand Director


Almost everything we won major awards for were assignments that Chris led from a strategic viewpoint. She also brought a lot of innovative thinking with her, creating valuable research tools for our clients,

Kevin Sutton, Chief Creative Officer

Small Green Plants

Bio and interests

Chris has 20+ years understanding consumers and brands and creating relevant and

motivating strategies and effective marketing multi-channel solutions across a broad

range of categories ranging from CPG to retail to food service to automotive, and beyond. 


As a researcher, she has an easy approach which creates a sense of comfort among participants creating fun, engaging sessions that yield impactful insights.    As a strategist, she's skilled in how to apply those insights to maximize their impact.  


She began her career with a Communications Research company where she conducted

both quantitative and qualitative research for a wide range of clients.

She then went agency-side as a strategic planner for several major agencies working across a broad range of clients and industry sectors.  


As an independent consultant, she brings a broad range of research, strategic skills and

marketing experience to every project.  


Among her many passions are her beautiful German Shepherds, and hiking partners, Zara and Xander,

travel, baseball, and the New York Times. 


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